Why an Upright Vacuum Cleaner Is Better For Your Health

While doing everyday routine chores like washing dishes, laundry, vacuuming, and gardening, just to name a few, we never stop to think how it affects our health and/or if the way we are doing it or how we are doing the work is the best way.

Every movement done wrong can come back later to haunt us at a later time in our life when we will have no choice but to stop and listen to our bodies; vacuuming is one of those chores that apply pressure to our backs when not done in the right position. The upright vacuum cleaner is one such vacuum that helps us keep our posture without damaging our backs.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner and Its Benefits

The term of ‘upright vacuum cleaner’ was created by Hoover in late 1940; prior to this invention we all were using the canister vacuum cleaner, which is still preferred by some.

It became very popular almost instantly as housewives realized that they don’t have to tug along the heavy machinery in order to clean the house; this easy to us upright vacuum cleaner is at arm’s length and one doesn’t even have bent in awkward positions in order to clean the house thoroughly.

Besides the fact that it was great for the back, it could clean large house without having to change the vacuum cleaner bag as it has a bigger capacity.

The upright vacuum cleaner is typically made lightweight for easy handling; due to the fact that it is on wheels one just needs to maneuver it with only one hand most times. It also comes in almost all colors and sizes to match everyone’s needs and style.

Disadvantages of the Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The biggest disadvantage of this invention is that it is not as easy to vacuum stairs and corners; due to which all upright vacuum cleaners have a separate hose with which one can achieve this task as well very efficiently.

The only other point would be that one needs to manually rearrange the power cord on the back of the upright vacuum cleaner while the canister vacuum typically has a retractable device for the same.

Everyone has his/her own preferences especially when it comes to something that we use quiet often in order to maintain cleanliness and our good health. It is always advised to shop around first before choosing an appliance such as a vacuum cleaner. Cleaning needs to be fun, quick but at the same time it should not comprise your health and well-being, ever!


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