Blowing Off A Little Steam For Cleanliness: The Steam Vacuum Cleaner

When you have guests coming over to your house, it is important to have it look great and clean; of course this requires a little work. Your carpet is the proof of where your shoes have been, and can reflect how well you keep your house clean. So, when you have dirt tracks, juice stains and other such detriments it can make you look bad. That is why a steam vacuum cleaner is your best friend for those special tasks.

Here is the background on a steam vacuum cleaner, and how it works for you:

What It Does

A steam vacuum cleaner incorporates water and a cleaning solution to thoroughly clean your carpet. Before you begin, you have to fill a section of the steam vacuum cleaner with a certain amount of the cleaning solution. Then, you add cold water to it. When you plug the vacuum cleaner in the wall, it should begin heating up, and circulating the ingredients into the floor or carpet, using the brush. This cleans the carpet, picks up the dirt and other particles, leaving a fresh, spotless look to it. A steam vacuum cleaner can pick up most stains including paint, juice, mud, sauce stains, etc.

For the most part, you can rent a steam vacuum cleaner at your local grocery store. For however many days you need it, you pay a fixed price for the vacuum cleaner and the cleaning solution is sold separately. Renting a steam vacuum cleaner is a good idea for special occasions, when you know you are going to have company over. But if you need a steam vacuum cleaner more consistently, then you should consider purchasing one. The recommended brand of steam vacuum cleaners is the Hoover SteamVac. This vacuum is an upright steam vacuum that shortens your cleaning time, has a wide angle of cleaning, and has an auto rinse feature. This product usually is priced around $250.

Accidents and spills are hard to avoid, and can seem even harder to clean up. But when they do occur, the best thing to do is to treat them right away with a steam vacuum cleaner. With a powerful motor, combined action of heated water and cleaning solution, it can definitely remove any stain and leave your carpet looking just as new as when you moved into your home.


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