Tackling a Sebo Vacuum Cleaner

Allergy and asthma sufferers have found a new savior in their lives. It’s a wonderful little superhero who creeps up on dirt and dust silently and defeats them with a might blow. Its name is Sebo vacuum cleaner. It’s known as the defender of truth, destroyer of dust, and enemy to dust mites everywhere.

You, Meet Sebo Vacuum Cleaner

A Sebo vacuum cleaner is probably not something that is on very many wish lists during the holiday season, or any other time of year, but after reading more about them and what they are capable of, I began to think that maybe it’s time that I put one down on mine.

Using an “S-Class” HEPA filtration system, a Sebo vacuum cleaner is designed to clean the air quality of your home while relieving the allergy and asthma symptoms of those living in the house.

Browsing around, I suddenly felt as though I were on a mission. I must find out more about these machines and is there anything that can’t be taken on by a Sebo vacuum cleaner. I searched high and low but finding negative points became harder and harder. One site raves about its ability to go from carpet to hard floor easily with its automatic height adjustment. Yet another spoke volumes about it’s easy to change large capacity bags.

Onward I pressed and I thought I found something. But it turned out to be yet another great feature that automatically protects the motor was damage if the Sebo vacuum cleaner happens to suck up a foreign object.

Features just kept popping up that amazed me. A motor that is guaranteed to run for at least 800 hours worth of use, that’s a project 10 years of dependability. The motor belts have a lifetime guarantee as well.

Finally, the Weakness of the Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Revealed

At last I found the weakness to this product which would finally tell me what was wrong with this product. Surely nothing is perfect. In this case, the main problems that are brought up are fairly common. The biggest issue that testers and consumers have found with using a Sebo vacuum cleaner is that they tend to be rather bulky and cumbersome to carry around or up a flight of stairs. While they are still the lightest uprights on the market, that doesn’t mean that they are terribly light.

The other big issue that consumers have had with this product is that the vacuum is too powerful for use on older rugs or carpets. If a Sebo vacuum cleaner is used over an old rug, for instance, the rug could be easily damaged and weakened over a period of time. The suggested way around this is to use one of the attachment heads when cleaning a rug or carpet that you are worried about being damaged by the powerful motors.

I Give Up… Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Has Beaten Me

Getting a Sebo vacuum cleaner is a great way to go if you are looking for something powerful that will really do a good job with getting rid of that hard to track down dirt and dust. While the price for an upright model might set you back a few hundred dollars, the quality that you are promised is worth the price. If you need something new to push around the house, this could be just what you’re looking for.


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