Should You Buy An Oreck Vacuum Cleaner?

The Oreck Corporation was founded by David Oreck in 1963. Located at New Orleans, Louisiana, it’s considered one of the best vacuum manufacturers in the world. Their operations began more than 40 years ago when they started manufacturing upright vacuum cleaners for the hotel industry.

David Oreck saw a niche market that could be exploited. He wanted to build vacuum cleaners that were easy for the housekeepers to carry from room to room. In those days vacuum cleaners were very heavy and difficult to handle. The product was a success and as a consequence, more than 50,000 hotels around the world use an Oreck vacuum cleaner.

Today, they sell their products along America, Asia and Europe, and continue with their original idea of building vacuum cleaners that are lightweight and easy to handle. But, should all this success be reason enough for buying an Oreck vacuum cleaner? Is there any difference with a cheap, Asian made vacuum cleaner?

The fact is that there is. How many manufacturers offer warranty periods that are good from 3 to 21 years? Only Oreck Company. They are so confident of the quality of their products that they can offer that level of post-sale service. Of course, they don’t come cheap. The most basic Oreck vacuum cleaner starts at $300 and the most expensive one reach more than $700.

Where Can I Buy An Oreck Vacuum Cleaner?

An excellent site for buying an Oreck vacuum cleaner is the company website They have an easy to navigate online store that shows you the variety of products that they offer to the market. From upright vacuum cleaners up to air purifiers; which eliminate the bacteria, molds and viruses in any house!

Besides the Internet, you can also look for an Oreck store near where you live. Don’t know how to find them? Just place your zip code in Oreck’s web page and it will give you the location of the nearest Oreck store. There you can try their products and finally understand why they are considered one of the best in the world.

With so many available models, which Oreck vacuum cleaner should you buy? Oreck offers four types of models. The basic model is an excellent choice for any home owner who wishes to have a great vacuum cleaner. One that lasts the passage of time and that has a great warranty.

But, if you have bigger requirements, then you should look for the other models. Each one of them was designed for specific purposes. In case you don’t know which one you need, contact Oreck and tell them what you need the vacuum cleaner for, and they will be happy to help you.


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