Getting More Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Your Dollar

Buying an industrial vacuum cleaner for your business or home can be difficult. Not only do you have to deal with the rather hefty price tag but you also have to figure out which one is worth the money.

Lucky for you though, you live in a very modern age where with a click of a single button, you can read the opinions and research of someone else who can give you an idea of some of the better industrial vacuum cleaner models.


Industrial Vacuum Cleaner - Tox Vac 7000

The first industrial vacuum cleaner on this list is Tox Vac from Headmaster. Weighing in at a very healthy 64 lbs or so with a price tag to match, this model of industrial vacuum cleaner has a lot of features going for it. Meant for rough use, this is really designed to pick up large amounts of dry debris.

The dry debris then goes through a three stage HEPA filter system and then another filter system in the motor until it all ends up in the 18 gallon tank. The real use of this industrial vacuum cleaner though is in its ability to pick up toxic wastes. The tank is built strong so that anything you pick up with the hose will stay in the tank. When you need to get rid of environmental waste, this machine will do the job.

Easy to move around, transport and empty, this industrial vacuum cleaner has been getting quite a few nods of appreciation from retailers and consumers alike.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner – Mini Tox Vac

Big things come in small packages as proven by this industrial vacuum cleaner. Standing at a mere 2 feet tall, this model is meant to take on tough situations where cleaning up debris is of a time sensitive nature. It has a strong four level HEPA filtration system and has a body that was built to withstand tough environments.

Even though it’s only 2 feet tall, the tank will carry 7.4 gallons worth of debris and waste making it a strong and easily transported to each work sight. The only major downside to this particular industrial vacuum cleaner is that it is not meant to take on wet debris.

So Many More Choices…

I’ve described two models that have gotten great reviews from consumers but there are still many more to review. Visit your local dealer and ask questions. Find out what will work best for you and your business.


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