How the Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Bag Helps You Breathe In A Cleaner Environment

‘Hoover’ is one of the top brand names in vacuum industry; in fact it is so popular that often people say ‘I am going to Hoover’ instead of vacuum.

What has made this vacuum cleaner so special besides the fact that it does your sweeping for you? Hoover earned its reputation for the high performance and standard that it has always delivered. The Hoover vacuum cleaner bag is one of the main reasons why this vacuum is so popular; it is environment friendly, dust absorbent and some are even leak proof.

A Brief Hoover History

In 1907, James Spangler, a janitor from Ohio observed that the sweeping caused him to cough – he was asthmatic and decided to do something in order to make life a little better. He took an old fan motor and attached it to a soapbox which in turn is stapled it to a broom handle; using a pillow case as a dust collector he created the first portable vacuum cleaner.

Spangler’s vacuum cleaner was the first to have a vacuum bag and attachments; he improved this model and got a patent for it in 1908.

In 1922 however, along came William Hoover whose wife was very impressed with the invention and requested her husband, who was a rich merchant, to buy the invention from James Spangler along with the company he had by now known as Electric Suction Sweeper Company.

William Hoover bought the company, made improvements and changed the name of the vacuum to the well known ‘Hoover’ of today. James Spangler stayed with the company as the superintendent of quality.

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Bag

The Hoover vacuum cleaner bag comes in many sizes and shapes in order to fit the different Hoover vacuum models available on the market today.

The main features of a Hoover vacuum cleaner bag are:

* Large in order to fit the house’s several cleanings without having to stop and replace it. * Dust absorbent; which basically means the dust does not just get shifted in the room while you vacuum to still be there after you are done. * Some of the Hoover vacuum cleaner bags are even water resistant and that makes them really useful if you are vacuuming in the kitchen or bathroom.

Hoover vacuum cleaner bag is made of high standard fibers, which does not break on you when you are just about done cleaning; they compress the dust and dirt and do not let it fly around the clean house when you are changing the bag.

High quality accessories have made Hoover the number one choice worldwide; using a Hoover vacuum assures you a clean home or place.


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