The Henry Vacuum Cleaner Started A Revolution In Household Appliances For Convenience

Vacuum cleaners, as tools in housekeeping, was the idea of an Englishman known by the name of Henry Cecil Booth. This gentleman put together the first ever vacuum cleaner way back in the fifties and christened it, ‘Puffin Billy’. This was initially a machine that could be run on petrol.

Because of the bulk and immense sound and horrible smoke and smell, the body of the vacuum cleaner was then kept outdoors while the cleaning was done. These machines operated with the help of long and light hoses that were introduced in the house through the windows of the house or room where the cleaning was to be done.

The Evolution From The Henry Vacuum Cleaner To The Vacuum Cleaner Of the 21st century

The fist model, the Henry vacuum cleaner was huge, clumsy and extremely noisy. This the model was not overly popular in the market for obvious reasons. The vacuum cleaner as we know it today was the brain child of James Sprangler who slowly changed the concept of the vacuum cleaner to what it is today using some very common and simple elements, i.e. a fan, a pillow case and a box.

Like the Henry vacuum cleaner project, Sprangler too, could not continue with the venture and he sold the patent to William Hoover who launched the first commercial vacuum cleaner, the Hoover vacuum cleaner. The Hoover design was a great improvement over its predecessor, the Henry vacuum cleaner.

The Hoover brand of vacuum cleaner was a runaway success; even today the brand has its command and presence in the market, and Hoover is known as one of the few organizations that deliver on their promise. The Henry vacuum cleaner has at last arrived!

What started with the simplest of simplest designs now has at least half a dozen different models of vacuum cleaners; you will find the cylinder vacuum cleaners, the upright vacuum cleaners, the centralized vacuum cleaners, the upright vacuum cleaners, the wet vacuum cleaners, and so on.

You will have to go through each of them individually and find the disadvantages and then the advantages, lest you will like some offer so much that you will ignore the danger signals. The best vacuum cleaner for your home is not the most expensive or the most beautiful, but the one which can take care of your needs in the house.


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