The Famous Dyson Vacuum Cleaner And Its Benefits

A Dyson vacuum cleaner is best known for two things – great suction power and unmatched performance.

The Beginning

Created by an English industrial designer, James Dyson, the idea of creating this powerful vacuum crept in his mind in 1970; James Dyson is believed to have made 5172 prototypes before launching the ‘G-force’ cleaner in 1983.

He got the first U.S. patent in 1986 and even then manufacturers would not believe in his product. James Dyson set up his own manufacturing company and by 2005 the Dyson vacuum cleaner had become the market leader in the U.S by value, not by the number of sales.

The Bagless Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson vacuum cleaner does not have a bag thus, they never lose suction or get clogged which results in consistent and powerful suction. The advanced technology patented Root8Cyclone creates the most powerful centrifugal force to collect dust and dirt; this suction is so strong it removes the smallest particles leaving a clean environment to live in.

All Dyson vacuum cleaners come inbuilt with HEPA filers which is great news for those of us who suffer from allergies but not only as for allergy sufferers, as it is obviously healthy for those of us who don’t suffer from any such diseases.

The main features of the Dyson vacuum cleaner are:

* Easy to carry as it has the ergonomic design. * It has advanced technology (Root8Cyclone), which maintains powerful and constant suction at all times when in use. * One can protect delicate carpets by switching the brush bar off with just a touch of a button. * Lifetime HEPA filter will guarantee clean air. * No extra costs, as you will never have to buy a cleaning bad for your vacuum cleaner again.

Costs, Maintenance And Warranty

Nothing good comes cheap and so the Dyson vacuum cleaner does come with a higher price tag; however, the cost gets absorbed within a couple of years with the great features it has to offer and the savings that you will benefit in time from not having to buy cleaning bags or other extra air filters to protect the air your breathe.

The company stands behind every product of the manufacture providing great customer service at all times thus making the maintenance easy and affordable. Investing in a Dyson vacuum cleaner may very well be investing in the last vacuum cleaner you will ever buy.


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