Is A Central Vacuum Cleaner Right For You?

The Good

Having a central vacuum cleaner installed in your home can be a wonderful benefit to your family. If you have someone who is prone to allergic reactions from dust and other allergens, you can save them from the misery by having all of it sent to a central point such as the basement or to a vent that blows it all outdoors.

These types of vacuums hardly make any noise. A central vacuum cleaner is known for being very quiet because of the main power unit not next to you as you clean up around the house. The central power unit is also placed somewhere out of the way such as a basement, attic or closet.

Emptying the bags is also a breeze which will save you time in the long run. Instead of constantly having to empty out smaller bags, if you choose to have your central vacuum cleaner collect all of its dust into a canister somewhere in the house you will only have to occasionally empty that one higher capacity container.

One common misconception about a central vacuum cleaner is that you can only get one if your house is in the middle of construction which is actually not the truth. While it is commonly installed in a house during the building process, it is neither uncommon nor difficult to have one installed in your current home. Most retailers suggest that you contact a service specialist to have the unit installed professionally in your home but many central vacuum cleaner units will come with instructions to guide you through the process if you want to try it on your own.

The Bad

It’s not all roses and sunshine though. There is no such thing as the perfect product and a central vacuum cleaner is not exempt from that at all. One of the biggest challenges you’ll have to get used to after having your central vacuum cleaner installed is dealing with the attachments and where you are going to keep them. Since the central vacuum cleaner has no body to carry around with you, there is no place to keep attachments for easy access when you need to switch cleaner heads. If you finish up one job but then find that you need to switch the head on the hose to get a hard to reach spot, you’ll need to go and grab it. This can be frustrating.

The Stuff That Matters Most

Having a central vacuum cleaner in your home is a unique feature that could help you, especially if you happen to own a large home. With some models coming with hoses that are 30 feet long or more, you will only have to unplug the hose once or twice during your entire cleaning process. Plus if you ever plan on moving out of your home, having a central vacuum cleaner could be a very nice feature to mention to prospective buyers and could even raise the resell value of your home.

Though there are certainly some disadvantages that one would have to get used to, there aren’t a lot of them and the benefits outweigh the good by a pretty large margin. Many central vacuum cleaner models will not even break your bank account with some costing as low as $750. If you happen to have a large home and hate to spend hours cleaning, this is not a bad direction to look.


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