Options to Look for in a Car Vacuum Cleaner

It’s not quite practical to lug your household vacuum cleaner out to the car, but for those small cleanup jobs in the vehicle, it might be worthwhile to invest in a car vacuum cleaner. These handy little appliances have many options to help you keep your vehicle’s interior clean, so have a look at a few of the options available.


The power to consider here is how your car vacuum cleaner gets its electricity; from the car’s cigarette lighter, a plug in the wall, or from a charging station. The cigarette lighter option is the best for someone that uses their car for work and needs to neaten up, even away from home. The other two options, to plug the vacuum into the wall or to take it from a charging station, mean you can use it throughout the house, not just in the car.

Just like their household cousins, your car vacuum cleaner can be a bagless model or a standard model. A bagless car vacuum cleaner is going to be a little more pricey than one with a bag, but they both work well. Also, with the bagless models, you never have to search for new bags.

Surf Or Turf?

Many companies sell compact wet-dry vacuums that can clean up mud and water on carpets, mats and the console. Vacuuming up muddy footprints or paw prints is better than trying to wipe or blot them out with a cloth. However, many consumers have problems with the wet-dry hand held vacuums leaking, clogging, or just not lasting long.

If your job is cleaning up fur, pet dander, or just general dust, just go for a regular car vacuum cleaner. Invest in the wet-dry vacuum only if you have a serious situation with wet spills in your car.

Inhale, Exhale

The same little motor that drives an appliance to create suction can also work as a small blower. This kind of dual function car vacuum cleaner is actually a good part of a vehicle emergency kit because it can act as an air compressor to inflate tires. The blower can also inflate pool toys and sports balls. You can also use the blower to waft dust from hard to reach crevices and then vacuum it up.

Finally, there are a few options that just make vacuuming easier. A vacuum with a light to illuminate tight spaces helps you get a better clean. Make sure the vacuum you choose also has the accessories you need, such as a crevice cleaning tool or a brush.


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