The Comparison Between The Canister Vacuum Cleaner And The Upright Vacuum Cleaner Continues

If you remember your childhood, you will remember the hum of the upright vacuum cleaner that your grandma used to clean the house. If you remember anything about it, you will definitely remember that it was extremely noisy. Today, the vacuum cleaners are far less noisy and bulky, though you really cannot say whether they are any better in their cleaning prowess.

If You Have To Choose Between The Canister Vacuum Cleaner And The Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Which One Would You Chose?

I cannot estimate which would be chosen by more people; the upright cleaner is still the bulkier model of the two, is still difficult to maneuver, but they seem to have better usage in large halls and carpet areas.

Another great advantage that the upright vacuum cleaner has over the canister vacuum cleaner is that these come with very large bags which can be changed at very long intervals of time; they also have a long and flexible hose which can reach absolutely any point in your home. The hose of the upright vacuum cleaner is highly flexible making it easy to maneuver in hard to reach spots.

If you look at the disadvantages, the upright vacuum cleaner is less maneuverable and hence it is difficult to carry it in other rooms or upstairs for cleaning. The worst part is that is cannot protect one from allergies because it does not have a HEPA system installed.

Now you can look at the canister vacuum cleaner. These are definitely equipped better to answer to the needs of today. The canister vacuum cleaner also has a flexible hose and can get under furniture with ease. What it has extra is the HEPA system which ensures that all the allergens are kept out of your home for a perfectly healthy and clean air.

The canister vacuum cleaner is light weight and so it can be pushed or pulled along when the cleaning is under way. Since it is lighter than any of the other types of vacuum cleaners, they can be carried upstairs without too much effort. Some say the canister vacuum cleaner has better suction power, though this is really not yet substantiated by practical reports/ studies.

Among the disadvantages, the canister vacuum cleaner is actually awkward when you have to pull it behind you to clean the house.


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