Finding the Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home

If you have already decided a canister vacuum is best for your home, you need to figure out which is the best canister vacuum cleaner for your needs. Think about how you will use the vacuum. Are the weight and size of the canister important? If you have stairs, the answer is yes. Look for a model with an easily cleanable HEPA filter if you have allergies. Canister vacuums also come in a range of prices, so decide if quieter operation is worth the extra money to you.

Read online reviews

There are sites that professionally review vacuum cleaners, search these first. If you happen to subscribe to Consumer Reports Magazine, you can use their website. However, don’t get a subscription just to look up the best canister vacuum cleaner. There are plenty of other places that review products, and some mention Consumer Reports’ opinion as well. may be the most thorough site for your needs. While it does not name the best canister vacuum cleaner, it does compile results of other tests and discusses what users have had to say about each product. Once you have read through their thoughtful articles and come up with a few brands and models you like, go to, where consumers post feedback about products in thousands of categories. Get an idea of common problems or quirks with each one especially from anyone that rates the vacuum badly.

Don’t forget to keep notes on prices. Review sites will include each model’s estimated retail price, and even searches several reputable stores and displays their prices for you. Look for the price of replacement filters and bags too, if necessary.

Visit the store

By now, you should have only a few candidates left for best canister vacuum cleaner. Now is the time to go to an appliance store and actually use the vacuum to see if you like it. Check to make sure the vacuum is easy to maintain, that the bag or dust bin is easy to empty and that the filter is accessible.

Buy it

The last step is to decide where to buy your best canister vacuum cleaner. If the store can offer you a good deal, go ahead and buy it. Or ask the salesperson when it might go on sale. Otherwise check out reputable web stores for the best price, and don’t forget to take shipping into account.


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