Maintenance of a Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Though vacuum cleaners have been around since 1901, it wasn’t until 1982 that British inventor James Dyson developed a bagless vacuum cleaner – after working on 5,000 prototypes. Frustrated with his home vacuum in the 1970s, he turned his design skill to making a better vacuum. And many people are happy with their bagless models. But they do require a bit of maintenance.

The Filter

It may be satisfying to see all that dust accumulating in a bagless vacuum cleaner because it’s no longer in your carpet or in your nostrils. To keep your vacuum cleaner working at its most efficient, you must keep the filter clean.

Manufacturers recommend cleaning the filter of a bagless vacuum cleaner under running water every few months. But some users, especially in households with many pets, report having to clean the filter more often, even once or twice a month. Small particles, like pet dander or carpet-freshening powder clog up the filter more quickly.

And though many manufacturers claim their filters will last the lifetime of the vacuum, sometimes they need replacing, especially if they are washed very frequently. A new filter is easy enough to find online, but may cost anywhere from twenty to fifty dollars.

The chamber that holds the dust bin can also accumulate dust in its crevices. To keep the vacuum running efficiently, open the canister area and knock off the dust with a feather duster.

The Dustbin

A good bagless vacuum cleaner inhales a lot of dust that gets packed into the cleaner’s dust bin faster than it seems possible. Empty the dust bin often to keep dust from getting packed so deep in there that it has to be scraped out.

For an even easier way to get the dust out of the house, some bagless models feature a dust bin that opens from the bottom – so you can hold it down in a trash bag and release the dust.

The Beater Bar

Every vacuum picks up some strings or long hairs that get tangled around the beater bar. To prevent the beater bar of your bagless vacuum cleaner from jamming, or just making an awful noise, you must clean it off from time to time. Look for a model with an easy to remove beater bar.

While that beater bar is off, check the belt that pulls it for wear. If the belt is worn, it’s easy to find a new one and replace it yourself.


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