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Find The Best Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to keeping your house clean, you need something that will do the job right. That is why you can’t just settle for something that will do a mediocre job, you will need to spend a little extra money and time to find the right equipment. That is why to find the best vacuum cleaner, it requires that you o do a little research.

Not all vacuum cleaners are the same, so finding the best vacuum cleaner means picking the top vacuum cleaner of a specific brand.

Different Brands

If you are looking for a bagging vacuum cleaner, then consider the Eureka Boss 4870 GZ. This is the best vacuum cleaner that includes a bag and is upright. It comes with removable attachments and has passed many noise tests. The Eureka is a light 21 pounds, so it is easier to push on a carpet. Although it does have a bag that you have to empty, for $150 this is a vacuum cleaner that does a fine job.

Sometimes a bag can be a hassle, so if you are looking for the best vacuum cleaner that is bagless, consider the Bissell Lift Off 3750. This vacuum cleaner contains a removable bin that collects dust, and does well on carpet or hardwood floor. Although this kind of vacuum cleaner prevents you from spending money on bags, it can cause exposure to dust, which isn’t good if you have allergies. But, whether you do or not, and still do not want the hassle of changing vacuum cleaner bags, the Bissell Lift Off is the best vacuum cleaner in that category, pricing around $180.

For those who are looking to modernize everything in your home, including your cleaning supplies, consider a robotic vacuum. These types of vacuums are disc shaped, and operate entirely on their own. Although they don’t hold a lot of dirt and dust, they can be used for light duty cleaning and are a amusement to watch clean your floor. The estimated cost is around $150

In the end, the best vacuum cleaner depends on how much time you have to devote to cleaning, and how much you are willing to spend. For a basic price and operation, the bagged Eureka is a practical choice. For a more convenient, hassle free cleaning, the bagless Bissell may be for you. Or if you want to have fun with your cleaning, try the robotic cleaner.



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